Your 2016 Guide to Cheap Cowgirl Boots

Our Top 5

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of cowgirl boots, we have selected the top five, overall, favorite boots!
Each is unique, appeal to all styles, and will be the perfect addition to any outfit! 

Square Toe


  • Leather
  • Top Brand
  • Pricey

Snip Toe


  • Leather
  • Embroidered
  • Pricey

Ankle Boot 
Almond Toe


  • Inexpensive
  • Pull-On Tab
  • Sizing

Almond Toe


  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan
  • Hollow Heal

Guide To Getting The Best Cheap Cowgirl Boots

There is a reason why cowgirl boots are timeless and chic, that’s because they are the most versatile shoe on the market. Cowgirl boots can be worn by women of all ages. They can be part of a casual outfit and they can also work quite well with formal wear. You can wear cowgirl boots with jeans, mini dresses, leggings and pretty much any other outfit and chances are your outfit will be on point. This is one shoe you cannot afford not to have in your closet. Don't think you are the 'cowgirl boot type', well there is a wide variety of cowgirl boots to choose from, short boots, roper boots, square toe to round toe and we are here to help you find your perfect boot, at a price range that everyone can afford!

Cowgirl Boot Brands

West Blvd

Is one of the top brands selling a variety of shoes. They are mostly known for their cowgirl boots. You are likely to find boots that are fairly priced and are within the range of $100 and $200.

Justin Boots

Justin Boots is a boot making company that was founded in 1879. The brand has managed to remain the number one choice for its customers for more than 130 years. This company produces shoes with a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes. If you want a show that is elegant, gorgeous and stands out, consider this brand.


This Company founded in the mid 40s is now one of the largest manufacturers of footwear and specifically cowgirl boots in the western industry. The company’s founder, Sam Mandelbaum, was awarded western hall of fame awards thanks to the dedication and ethic he put into making the company a success. The company produces some of the most beautiful and feminine boots you can find in the market. If you want a boot with a touch of feminine elegance, Roper is probably your best bet.


Produces shoes that are hand crafted. Their boots are made from genuine leather. The company manufactures both men and women footwear and their shoes are supplied to more than 800 outlets countrywide.

Charles Albert

This brand is known for manufacturing contemporary women cowgirl boots that have both exquisite prints and comfortable designs. The brand is also known for manufacturing shoes that are affordable. Despite the fact that some of their shoes are about $30 to $50, their products have some of the highest rating in the online shoe market. If you are looking for a shoe that is very affordable, but also of good quality with a modern style, then you should try Charles Albert shoes.

What To Look For In Women's Cowgirl Boots

There are literally thousands of styles you can choose from, if you’re looking for cowgirl boots. The following are factors that can help you make the most suitable choice, when looking for this type of footwear.


Comfort should be on top of your list, when you are trying to find the best boots. Boots with beautiful and intricate designs can end up being very uncomfortable. The level of comfort also depends on where and when you’ll be wearing the shoe. The length of the heel is an important factor when buying the shoe. If you’ll be running errands, you should probably go for a shoe that has a smaller heel. Another factor that may affect the level of the shoe is the construction. Unfortunately, sometimes you may need to try out the shoe to ensure it fits and its comfortable.


You can get boots in synthetic and genuine leather. Synthetic leather is the cheapest and if you’re looking for the cheapest option, synthetic leather is probably what you’ll have to settle for. Genuine leather maintain its supple, soft feel and will look good for longer. Genuine leather can be expensive, especially if you choose to settle for snakeskin or crocodile skin leather.

Toe Style

Cowgirl boots can have a variety of toe styles. There are pointed, round, square and snip toe cowgirl boots. The type of boot you choose may make the boot more comfortable. You need to determine which type is the most comfortable for you. If you have a wide foot, you should probably go for a square toe and avoid a pointed one as it is likely to be uncomfortable. Style and personal preferences will also be a factor when choosing a toe style.

Boot Design and Color

You are more likely to find boots with a wider range of color, if they are made of genuine leather. Synthetic leather boots often come in about two or three different colors to choose from. You may therefore have to go for genuine leather, if you’re looking for variety in terms of color. Color is important as it will ultimately influence the look and the overall style of the outfit. If you want something elegant but at a more affordable price, you could opt for a synthetic shoe with a more elaborate design. You can get a synthetic shoe that has studs, clasps and buckles. These designs tend to add a lot of character to the shoe.

Cowgirl Boots Aren't Just Brown 

With fashion forever evolving and changing, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends, colors, and fit. Boots are no different, they filter through the fashion industry like the seasons. But there are some boot colors that you can rock all season. 

Pink Cowgirl Boots

  • Laredo Children Little Concho Boots: They are ideal for any young roper in the making, who wants to feel like a country girl and still feel like a princess in pink boots. They cost between $37- $84, which is quite affordable for such a long lasting shoe.

The boots are synthetic and the decorations make it ideal for a keeping up with the young and playful. Aside from being cute, they have a great innersole that even make them comfortable. The heel is around 1.5 inches which make it easy for young cowgirl to walk, run and play around with the boots comfortably.

  • Smoky mountain girls' mesquite western boot round toe: They come in black, red, white brown and pink colors. The outer material is made of pure leather and so is the sole. Children can enjoyed playing in tough places without ruining the quality of the boot. And good for you because they are so durable, replacing will not be at the top of your list.

The only challenge I experienced the first time my daughter wore them is the struggle to fit inside as the boots opening is narrow. However, when she wore them by the third time, the boots had loosened up and she no longer had a challenge wearing them. They cost $3-$62.

  • Durango BT668-Pink Bling Boots. They make my little princess to look like a legendary modern cowgirl. The boots are beautifully made: They have silver studs and a silver toe, which makes them fashionable for a young cowgirl.

For extra comfort, they have comfortable innersole. The heel is just the right size to make walking comfortable and easy without worry about her foot coming out. Their price ranges between $50 and $80.


  • Young girls love pink and they look adorable in them.
  • Easy to walk with.
  • Durable.


  • Most leather is synthetic.
  • Narrow boot opening.

Black Cowgirl Boots

Black is beautiful and as a neutral color, it can be worn with all colors of outfits in all seasons.

  • Soda women's Reno Western Cowboy Pointed Toe Knee High Pull on Tabs Boots: They cost less than $50. Though they are made from synthetic material, they look great. The unique stitching as a great flare to the boots.

Black boots go great with most outfits, they can dress up or dress down any outfit. I like wearing them with leggings, dresses, skirts or skinny jeans.

  • Volatile Women's Denver Boots: They are good if you like having a bit of space on the calves area. The space is ideal for women who have a hard time finding boots that larger calves. The rugged look makes the boots to look rustic and tough. For a price of less than $100, the boots are a good deal.

For a perfect fit, buy one size smaller, since the boots loosen up after sometime. The Denver boots have a heel that makes them sexy for women when walking. The heel also adds a bit more flare, making 

  • Justin Boots Women's Gypsy Collection Western Boots: They are good for riders. The round toe of the boot protects the foot while it is in the straddle. The boots are made from original leather, so they are long lasting.

The boots do not come completely black, as the upper part is made of turquoise, or many other colors. Their design makes them suitable to wear with pants and leggings. For only $66 - $105, you can enjoy these amazingly comfortable shoes. I have had these boots for 6 years now and still feel just as good as the day I bought them. 


  • Their color enables you to wear them with any outfit and for any occasion.


  • Black has a tendency to fade from the sun

White Cowgirl Boots

While white is not the first thing you think of when you hear functional cowboy boots, but let me be the first to say, white cowgirl boots deserve to be in your closet right next to your traditional boot. I have worn my white boots on more occasions than I thought I would; from weddings to a casual day at the office. 

  • West Blvd Women’s Beijing Cowgirl Western Cowboy Boots: They come in five different colors: white, black, brown and grey. The white boots are very appealing both at a distance and up close. I wear these to the office with a flowing summer dress.

The height of the boots allows you to wear together with dresses, skirts, leggings and tight trousers. The heel is made from rubber, so it does not make that annoying cracking noise when I walk. Its price ranges between 9 to 30 dollars.

  • Old West Women's Corona Cowgirl Boots: They are real leather boots, which costs around $60. They are very comfortable and the wide shaft enables you to put them on without any issue.

The white boots can be worn with any garment and can work well with any color. The boots can be worn the whole day because they have comfortable innersoles.

  • Old West Women's Fashion Cowgirl Boots: These are modern day cowboy boots. They are a bit pricy coming in around $91 to $131. They are made of genuine leather, which makes that higher price necessary. The embedded pattern works with the leather to bring out the beautiful white color. No one can resist these white, comfortable, stylish boots.


  • Being a neutral color, you can wear them with any outfit.


  • You need to be very careful when you wear white boots as any amount of dirt is magnified.

Red Cowgirl Boots

Think red boots are not for you? Not edgy enough to pull the off? I thought the same, but the moment I bought my first pair I knew these special boots belonged in my closet. 

  • Soda Women's Reno Western Cowboy Pointed Toe Knee High Pull on Tabs Boots: These red boots have a shaft of 9.75 from the arch. I recommend wearing them with a cute pair of shorts and white tank top.

As long as the boots look good, then you have nothing to fear when they draw attention. The low heel makes for comfortable strutting and showing off your boots. The price ranges from $26 - $47. The boots are affordable and worthwhile as they are of high quality.

  • Durango Women's Crush Rock or Scroll RD3485 Western Boots: They are durable and have a very appealing look. Durango has focused on the comfort of the wearer in these boots. To be able to wear and remove them without a struggle, the boots have a pull strap, which blends in well with their design. They cost $54- $127.

  • Dingo Women's Adobe Rose Leather Boots: They are short boots with a full-length zipper on the side. They are rose red and are made from pure leather. On top of that, their heel is approximately 2 inches, which adds some additional height.

They are tip toed with a single stitch welt. They are awesome when worn with leggings or skirts or when slim jeans are tucked inside. Their price ranges between $100 and $150.


  • Red comes in different shades and you can choose the exact shade that you want.
  • The boot comes in different heights.


  • Red needs constant maintenance and if it is neglected it looks old and rugged.

Brown Cowgirl Boots

Brown is an earthy color that can be worn with any other color without contrasting a look. It is good for both farm and town life.

  • Soto Boots Women's Rhinestone Floral Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots M50012: They cost $145. The boots are made from leather and the sole too. I clean them easily as they have a smooth leather lining.

For the sake of comfort, the boots have innersoles. To be able to wear and remove the boots easily, they come with pull-tabs. They are very beautiful with their contrast floral embroidery with rhinestone studs and metal.

  • Refresh women wild-02 western style cowboy boots: These are affordable boots, which cost between $20 and $60. Though synthetic, they look great and you cannot easily tell that the material is not pure leather. I have noticed that they last for a long time and can withstand harsh conditions without being spoilt. The boots are sturdy and can be worn by people of all sizes.

  • Soda women's Reno western cowboy pointed toe knee high pull on tabs boots: These also come with a low heel. I do not like high heels yet amazingly I find the heel comfortable. The heel is about 1.5 and a platform height 0.5.


  • Very good color as it blends with any place and season.
  • It hard to notice when they wear out, the color hides the faults.


  • None


Cowgirl boots can range from about $20 to $100. The biggest factors that influence price are materials and the brand that made the shoe. If you are looking for the most affordable shoe, you may have to go for a synthetic shoe. Cowgirl boots provides a wide range of options that you can choose from.

Cowgirl Boots and How to Wear them for all Occasions

Initially, cowgirl boots were worn mostly for their utility. They were ideal for walking around the farm. They were also worn for their comfort. Now this type of shoes are among the most trendy and fashionable type of shoe to emerge in the last two decades. One of the reasons this shoe is very popular is due to its versatility. It can be worn with many different types of outfits, from miniskirts, leggings to wedding dresses. On top of that, manufacturers are coming up with many new trendy styles every day.

There are three main categories of western boot styles. There is the western riding boot, cowgirl or cowboy boots, and Roper boots. Western riding boots were designed specifically for horse riding. Most features on this boot were designed to minimize accidents when riding. These boots have a high angle heel that was meant to prevent horse riders from sliding through stirrup when riding the horse. They had no laces to prevent riders from getting entangled in the stirrup in case of a fall.

Cowboy/cowgirl boots evolved slowly from western riding boots. This was out of the need to come up with a shoe that was comfortable enough for both walking and riding. It has a lower heel for greater comfort when walking but has the same mid-calf height shaft as western riding boots.

Rodeo boots are the most recent of the three categories of boots. These boots were designed for cowboys participating in rodeo events, particularly the popular calf roping event. In a calf roping event, the cowboy had to get down from the horse and run after the calf. The boots were therefore designed to be comfortable enough for both running and riding. The result was a boot that provided excellent ankle support and overall comfort.

Types of Boots

There are also different types of boots. Each of these boots brings out a different quality to each of the outfits you choose to pair them with. You can make the most of your outfit by learning how and when to wear each type of these boots.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are probably the most versatile type of cowgirl boot. They can be worn with almost any type of outfit. However, here are some ideas that you can try out with your favorite ankle cowgirl boot.


You can wear ankle boots with cuffed jeans that expose your skin just above your ankle. This can be worn with your favorite top and a scarf. This outfit is great for different types of social events. It is casual but also quite chic and eye catching.

Sometimes ankle boots have a shortening effect. They can make short people look even shorter. If you want to avoid this, consider pairing ankle boots with dark skinny jeans. Dark skinny jeans can work with ankle boots of varying colors. Brown and tan colored boots should work just fine. Try trenches and oversized jumpers to complete the look.

You can wear ankle boots with a dress. You simply need to avoid wearing a dress that is too long. Ideally, the dress should be no longer than your mid thigh. Longer dresses make your dress look shorter. You can also wear leggings or dark skinny pants underneath. This will also reduce the risk of making your legs look short.

Ankle boots can also be paired with miniskirts. Avoid a low cut top so that the outfit is sexy, without being too revealing. The higher the boot is, the shorter the hem of your skirt should be.

With ankle boots there are a couple of things you need to avoid. It will work with both tight and A-line miniskirts.

  • Avoid too much or too little cuffing. Let only about an inch of skin show.
  • Avoid tucking your pants into the boot. This can go a long way in ruining a good outfit.
  • Even though ankle boots usually work with shorts, they are not always ideal for short people. Consider cuffed shorts with ankle boots if you are worried about the effect it will have on your height.

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots can also be paired with short skirts, dresses, and jeans. There are a number of ways you can combine with this item to pull off a great outfit.

With Skirts and Dresses

You can wear knee high cowgirl boots with different types of dresses. You can put together a casual look by pairing a midsize dress with knee high boots and a denim jacket. You can also pair knee high boots and a long coat. The result is a feminine look that you can wear to a party, on a date, or to a family get together.

You can pull off a classy look with Knee high boots with the right type of dress. The dress should ideally be just above the knee. It can also work with mid thigh dresses, if the dress is paired up with, preferably, dark tights underneath. You can hardy go wrong with dark tights or leggings. The office look can also look great paired up with a long coat in winter.

Pencil skirts can also be worn with cowgirl boots. Just like with dresses, you can wear a pencil skirt with a dress shirt for a classy office look. You may also pair it with a leather jacket, a sweater or a plaid shirt for a smart casual look. Miniskirts with cowgirl riding boots are ideal for a sexy casual style. You can pair it with either a tight mini or an A-line miniskirt and both should work just fine.

Skinny Jeans

Most of the time knee high boots will look better with darker skinny jeans. Skinny jeans with colorful prints may not always work. It makes it look like there is a lot going on and the focus is on the boot rather than your jeans. Darker skinny jeans are not only classy, but they make your legs look shorter. Skinny jeans can be worn to the office and to a girl’s night out. It makes it easy to transition from the office to the night out later with the girls.


Leggings with boots are the way to go, if you want slim and longer legs. You can also pull of a casual or a classy business look with leggings and knee high boots depending on what you pair them with. A short skirt paired with leggings is an ideal style that should work for a formal business look. The same should also work with shorts, leggings and a matching top. Pair leggings with knee high cowgirl boots for a smart casual style.

With leggings you can put together a high class equestrian style in various ways. A fitted blazer and a nice casual top is one way you can achieve this. A more elegant and feminine look can be achieved by putting together a matching fitting top, shorts and a nice scarf. Real leather cowgirl boots that are either studded or with beautiful patterns can make this look even more elegant and eye catching.

Flat Cowgirl Boots

These are cowgirl boots with a flattened heel. Most people who pick flat boots choose them for their comfort. They are ideal for people who walk considerable distances everyday due to their comfort. The can be worn with skinny jeans, leggings and short skirts. However, these shoes are not ideal for long dresses. Most dressy styles may not work perfectly with a flat shoe, especially if it is an ankle or mid calf boot. The danger with pairing it with dresses is that the result can be a very conservative matronly look.

Heeled Cowgirl Boots

Heeled shoes can be uncomfortable to walk in. However, there are several advantages of these shoes. They can be worn with many different types of dresses. They are very feminine and can be worn with tight pants, leggings and pretty much all types of dresses. The heel can make your legs look longer, especially if worn with leggings or short skirts and dresses.

Cowgirl Boots on Your Wedding

Cowgirl boots have become so fashionable and trendy, that many women do not have a problem with wearing them on their wedding day. The boots may be worn by the bride, or the bride and her bridesmaids. Brides do not have to wear them under the wedding dress. Some brides opt to show off these stylish boots in shorter wedding dresses such as tea length wedding dresses or even shorter dresses. There are a number of ways you can wear this type of boot on your wedding day.

One of the most common types of cowgirl boots that many brides choose is the roper boot. This type of boot has a distinctly feminine style. It looks great on bridesmaids whether they are wearing long skirts or short girly dresses. It comes in many different colors and often has colorful patterns on it. A more traditional cowgirl riding boot can also work, but most women decide to play it safe by going for the roper boot. The roper boot is also very comfortable. The design of the shaft and the heel make it easy to walk in. It can be the best option if there will be some considerable amount of walking on the big day.

One of the biggest considerations that you need to make before going for a roper or cowgirl riding boot is the color. The most common colors available for these shoes are tan, brown and black. The convention has always been to wear a tan cowgirl boot with the wedding dress. It is less risky compared to brown and other fancy colors.

There are other colors you could choose if you don’t want the boots to be too conspicuous. You can choose to go with a light beige-brown colors. This blends well with the color of the wedding dress and is less noticeable, especially if you are wearing a long dress. You can opt to have bridesmaids wear the same color as you or choose a different color such as brown, tan or black.

Cost is a factor that you need to think about. If you choose to have the entire bridesmaid wear a cowgirl boot, this can add up to quite an amount if the boots are over 100 dollars. There are cheaper boots below that price. However, most of them are synthetic leather. The problem with cowgirl boots made of synthetic leather is that there are fewer options available. Real leather tends to have more options in terms of style and color.

If you are going to be buying your bridesmaids shoes to wear on their wedding day, there is one more reason why you should go for the cowgirl boots. These boots are more versatile than the sandals that are worn on most wedding. Cowgirl boots are going to be worn on countless other occasions after the wedding. It is therefore a great gift to give the bridesmaids for being there for you on your wedding.

Boots Dos and Don’ts 

Regardless of the type of boot you choose to wear, there are a few things you should observe to ensure you get everything right.

To minimize the risk of not getting it right, avoid wearing tights and pants that are a completely different color with the shoe. Find colors and hues that are complement each other, or go for darker pants and tights. Avoid pairing ankle boots with long dresses and skirts as these can ruin your look.

Make sure the boot is comfortable and the right fit for you. Avoid knee high boots that are too tight. They tend to cause a spill at the top, which can be unsightly. Also, be careful of mid-calf boots if you have generous calves. They can make your legs look somewhat bigger than they actually are.

Lastly, do not be afraid to try out new styles with cowgirl boots. Cowgirl boots are designed to be worn on many different occasions. Have fun and embrace your personal style.

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